This is the story of my own engagement ring. My husband gave me a larger diamond ring after a decade of marriage. The square princess cut was set in a conventional prong setting. It was beautiful, but I never felt comfortable wearing it. It was very easy to catch it on clothing, and it tended to shift to the left and right all of the time. I often wore it with diamond facing down because it was easier. Therefore I rarely wore it, which I felt bad about.

I decided to redesign the setting, with the blessing of my husband. I looked through my jewelry chest to see if there were any other stones that I could incorporate. I hope I didn't suggest that I don't wear big and bold, because I do! I discovered my simple diamond drop earrings that I had inherited but did not wear regularly. They were sentimental to me, so the perfect stones to incorporate into something I would wear every day.

I designed this setting incorporating my love of geometry and architecture with a sturdy bezel setting that would endure everyday wear. It is 18 carat brushed gold which works with my bangle stacks and jewelry wardrobe. The redesign is me all the way! 


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