It was love at first sight when Modern Moghul designer, Bibiana Dykema, made her first trip to Jaipur, India around eight years ago. She was enchanted by the people, enamored with the textiles and totally blown away by the jewelry. The Texas-based architect bought fabrics for various interior design jobs and found a craftsman to make beads. She purchased strand-upon-strand of the traditional Indian gold over wax core bead necklaces as gifts for her friends. When Bibiana told her traveling companion, Shital Patel, a client of her architecture firm and native of India, about the enthusiastic reception to everything he said, “Why don’t we launch a business?” Virtually on the spot, the twosome got underway with their passion project.


The Modern Moghul collection is a seamless east meets west blend of centuries old regal Indian motifs rendered in new silhouettes and the vibrant colors Bibiana is known for in her architectural work. It is fine jewelry mixing real gems with rhodium plated silver and gold vermeil elements. “I like the idea of my jewelry being accessible to women of all ages,” explains Bibiana. The price range of the vast Modern Moghul collection starts around $250 for a delicate pair of stud earrings and goes on up to around $15,000 for a bold diamond-studded necklace. The designs incorporate every color of gemstone to create unique and compelling treasures for the discerning jewelry enthusiast. Most pieces are one-of-a-kind, making them special treasures for any jewel box.