Jewelry Care

All of the pieces from the Modern Moghul collection are lovingly handmade. Below are some tips to help you maintain your new jewelry purchase

If a piece becomes dirty or otherwise requires cleaning, please consult a local jeweler. For a modest fee, any reputable jeweler will clean a piece risk-free.

  • Do not attempt to repair damaged jewelry. Cracks and fractures can only worsen with additional handling. If a piece of your Modern Moghul jewelry becomes damaged, send it to us for repairs or contact another professional jeweler.
  • Always pack jewelry carefully. Much of the damage sustained by jewelry occurs when the item is not being worn. Never place jewelry in containers with other pieces or with other items that might cause the peice damage.
  • Do not let your jewelry get wet. Water and other liquids can cause damage to jewelry.
    With proper care, your Modern Moghul jewels will be enjoyed for generations to come!