My original journey to Jaipur that began Modern Moghul, was a search for these gold wax beads. I had purchased two strands for myself in New York in the 70s, and I had received so many compliments that I thought I would go to the source. As with many treasures, I found that they were now quite scarce. The price of gold and traditional jewelry designs made these less desirable to many. I found someone to produce them for me in 24kt, but I still keep an eye out for the antique 18kt versions. I found these large antique beads with a Delhi vendor strung together on a long thread. They were in great shape and just enough for two beautiful strands. I strung them in my studio on our Modern Moghul silk adjustable black cord. The bead length is 28 inches. These are a collector's dream.

Jaipur Beads
NK032417-001, $10,000 each strand

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