In early spring in Austin, we have a bright red cardinal that lives around our house. When it sees its reflection in our windows it attacks, thinking that it is another bird. Pairs of cardinals feed in the mornings and evenings through midsummer. I love watching them. I designed a large pair of ruby cardinal earrings in their honor for our Wild at Heart Collection.

A client purchased the earrings at a trunk show and loved them so much she commissioned a matching pendant. She requested that it be large and colorful like the earrings. I sketched a large diamond tear shaped outline with black spinel branches dotted with emerald leaves. Two ruby cardinals are accented with sapphire wings for definition and are perched on the branches.

These designs are worked through my studio in Jaipur. There is a good deal of conversation to get from sketch to the finished piece. Sometimes I adjust my stone choices based on what is available or what offers more interest. It is a collaboration with my team.

The overall size of the pendant is 3-1/2 inches which hangs beautifully from one of our diamond toggle chains. I must admit that the finished product was hard to give away sweet birds.


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