I have spent most of my life on the Gulf Coast of Texas where outdoor life is twelve months of the year. Crabbing, fishing and sailing were our childhood pastimes. Many of my jewelry designs reflect my love of the water and all of its inhabitants.

I was thrilled when a client I adore commissioned a pendant featuring fish. She also lives on the coast and often wears floating gowns in turquoise and coral shades. I began designing the pendant with a pair of fish swimming in a yin and yang formation. I designed the fish in tanzanite, which is a lovely blue color that glows in different lights and is bright enough to stand out against equally bright clothing. The fish are "swimming" in waves of diamonds with their emerald eyes looking watchfully.

The four-inch pendant is bold and beautiful just like it's new owner. After receiving her pendant she commissioned matching earrings, and I can't wait to show them off.


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