These earrings were commissioned as a gift for a movie star in honor of her birthday. My clients had purchased the matching peridot stones, her birthstone, on one of their trips. Their only requests were to incorporate the stones and create earrings worthy of their dear friend's quiet bohemian style.

I knew that this piece needed to be smashing with a spiritual touch. With that in mind, I turned to the stars in the sky. What better way to honor a "star" than with a pair of stars surrounding the special peridots. The gold stars are hand hammered and studded with tiny diamonds that subtly catch the light. The other stones, turquoise and amethyst, are both healing stones. All of us can use a bit of that protection.

These earrings are both organic and elegant at the same time. I can see her wearing them with blue jeans around town or in a long gown at the Oscar's. 


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